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Med-El support in India


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Hi @Mary Beth,

Looking around this forus, I couldn't find many from India. And few people I met argued that support of Med-El isn't good in India.

So, just wants to talk some people from India who have been the receipt since few years to get the better idea.

Can you or someone else can help me connect to right people. 


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Thanks @Mary Beth, It's really odd to see only one mentor is there with his own implant. Other mentors are just a parents of the recipients.

I would really like to connect with people from India in this forum. I hope @MED-EL Moderatorwill find some for me.

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That part of the website has just recently become active.  I would expect Med-El plans on expanding it over time.

I am sure the @MED-EL Moderator will be able to help you.

Connecting with Med-El CI users in your region is very important.

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Exactly @Mary Beth, hope they can find few contacts in my region.

@MED-EL Moderator FYI, I am from Gandhinagar Gujarat India. Hoping you can find someone around here or atleast in the same state so I can easily reach them out. 


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Hi @Jimit and @Mary Beth, thanks for tagging us.

The Hearpeers India program is quiet young so our team there is still working on expanding it. I recommend reaching out to the Hearpeers Team via https://hearpeers.medel.com/en/connect/with-a-mentor?country=ind so they can keep you updated on any new mentors and activities in the region.

Furthermore, I’d recommend getting in touch with the MED-EL office team in India, as they are best placed to update you on any user groups or other local initiatives for cochlear implant users near you. Please let us know in case you need their contact details.

Kind regards,


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@MED-EL Moderator

Ok, have submitted to connect with mentor now.

And yes please share the Med-El office team contact. I prefer not to call for obvious reason. So would like to talk to someone on Chat or Email.


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