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Wind and the MEDEL Sonnet


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Hello, I have Sonnet implants and have had issues with wind blowing over the microphone from day one. There always seems to be a wind outside - no matter whether it is gentle or strong - it interferes with my hearing. I have the wind reduction setting turned on - have tried the low and high settings, but the wind is still an issue. I have been musing about putting scotch tape over the microphone cover to stop the wind issue and suspect that it might not interfere too much hearing. Has anyone found any ways to combat the wind. I would love hear any ideas. Thanks, Ewan

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I tried the wind block settings with my Sonnets as well and did not find them effective at all.  The mic placement or features make the Sonnet have wind noise even when walking inside down a hallway.  

I wonder if you could attach a piece of waterwear just over the mic area?

There are items from eargear that people are using just to cover the mic area.  I find them bulky but others like them.  They are actually sold for tiny hearing aids.

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Hi there, nice to know i dont have to mess with settings cuz i have been thinking the same thing!

I drive a convertible in good weather and this spring used a scarf, it helped alot! If im scarfless i have to cover the mic with my finger.  We dont have very many windless days here and im outside a lot!

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