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Short video about - Neuroplasticity

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We've been talking about its majesty - neuroplasticity, but what exactly is it and who introduced it at first?

Surprisingly or not, the origin of this ever-changed ability has began from the field of neurology, it is widely spread and it has - an interesting background; so personal: it is a family story of Paul Bach-y-Rita.

Although he didn't invent the concept, Dr. Bach-y-Rita evolved it. :)


Let's have a look :)


(Unfortunately, there are no captions :( )

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Just like the book! The Brain That Changes Itself. Did you notice the poster of the ear on the wall?m I would love to see images of how our brains changed themselves with our CIs!


I will try to find something - at least Brain should have some scans. :)


Yes - I have been searching a suitable video - and connected dots pretty easily! ;)

First signs of neuroplasticity actually reminded Frenzel who invented glasses for observing eye movements as the consequences of central (brain) or peripheral (vestibular) conditions. One of his patients had ataxia and couldn't touch his nose. After several weeks, when the patient returned to the regular check up - he done it perfectly. Frenzel was astonished but that is how he developed these ataxia exercises which has to be repeated for several weeks constantly.

Who would say this! ;)

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I'm confused trying to understand the images on page 123. Can you explain them a bit for me please?


This figure show you 4 patients respectively to the time they have been deafened and implanted; what are their speech recognition scores and their individual PET scans which show where and how intensive is their brain activity/metabolism. PET scan actually measures the metabolism of glucose indirectly talking us a story which parts are active/alive and how well these parts functions. Brain only use glucose as food ;) this is the foundation of PET scan.

The individual result correlates with the activity - less active brain (less blue) lower % of sentence score.

Hope I haven't complicated too much :)

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