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Getting implanted March 5th!


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Hi all:

I posted on FB so forgive me for reposting this. I am finally qualified for a CI. I have choose Med-El primarily due to the music and flex. I had already given my choice to the audiologist back in November when I had my HINT testing done. She called a few weeks ago and apparently I need to go in and see her for what I assume is a finalization to order my CI.

I've requested the XS in ebony color, rechargable battery as well as the two battery configuration. Is there anything I should request beyond those? Also do you get a backup processor? I'm not sure what if anything I need to request for specifically. Any help would be great, I meet with her Wednesday, January 30th to go finalize the order or as her scheduler said "she needs to go over other options with me".




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Hi Meredith

It seems I'm chasing you through all the posts... Smile


At least in Spain, you don't get a backup processor (it's really expensive), but they will provide one for the time that (hopefully not needed) yours is being repaired.

I suggest for asking for backup cables and check for the Rondo model (http://www.medel.com/int/show/index/id/1029). I had the Rondo in my hands and it reallly deserves a look!

In Spain, they provide by default backup cables and three DaCapo batteries.


Best wishes

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