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AudioStream and Sonnet 2 battery tray


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Hello, I got upgradet from Sonnet bilat to Sonnet 2 bilat just yesterday. I was a happy AudioLink user and used to stream a lot.  But I was also keen not to have too many devices, so the AudioStream would suit me well. Neither my audiologist nor I (after 117 attempts) were able to connect the AudioStreams to my iphone. What went wrong? The MEDEL-in-house audiologist from Durham, NC solved the mystery. 

When I took off my old Sonnet processor I tried the old battery tray for disposables (or battery frame as some call it) and was pleased to see it fit to the new Sonnet 2 processor. I worked from there and no connection was possible. The new Sonnet 2 battery tray looks exactly the same as the old one. However, it has a Wifi symbol printed on its top, near to where it connects to the processor. Unfortunately, the symbol is nearly indiscernible. It should have been printed in a whiter, brighter color. It is the same with the battery tray for rechargeables.  The old one fits and can be used with the Sonnet 2, but not for streaming. The new on e has a Wifi symbol. If you can fin it ....

It also seems to be important where to start when you try to connect the AudioStreams to your iphone. I was told to start in the AudioKey 2 app, not in the Bluetooth setting of my iphone as I used to do it for the AudioLink. The iphone then got the information from the AudioKey 2 app and asked for permission to pair. Of course, I said yes!

After obeying all of this there were just a few more attempts necessary until it hit the famous 'sweet spot' and the connection was there.I streamed an audiobook today and used Google maps when driving. The right processor would disconnect, but I could easily re-connect it again in the Bluetooth setting on my iphone, even during a phone call. The sound was clear, no distortion or anything unpleasant. And now it's only the iphone and me.

I hope this helps others who upgrade from Sonnet to Sonnet 2 and are as resourceful as I am thinking you could use the old parts...


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Enjoy your AudioStreams!

Those new wifi labeled battery packs and rechargeable battery adapters will fit on your back up Sonnets and you can use AudioStream on your back up Sonnets too.

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