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Hearing audio from laptops/computers with Sonnet2

Mary Beth

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Some options

1) wireless BT around the ear headphones like BOSE QC35 

2) Artone MAX BT neckloop and Sonnet2 on MT or T setting

3) CozyBand (wireless) or CozyPhones (wired) flat stereo headband speakers

4) Roger transmitter plugged into laptop/computer and Roger21 receiver attached to Sonnet2 (stay in M setting)

5) AudioLink dock plugged into laptop/computer 


@Enegra shared a work around which lets us stream to AudioStream while running something on the computer 



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Hi. I have just started streaming for my work, and the audio link frequently connects and doesn’t connect to my sonnet 2s. I leave the room frequently and it’s problematic that it doesn’t reconnect with consistency.  I have the Roger part that connect to my sonnet. What is the name of the Roger devose that I need to buy. There Roger—in, select.. I don’t know which one would be best. The Roger would stay at my desk and be used to stream my computer audio only. 

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One option is to grab the AudioLink and take it with you when you leave the room.  It really needs to stay close to you to stay connected.

Roger transmitters can plug into your computer and stream to your Sonnet Roger receiver.  Do you have the integrated battery cover Roger21 receiver or the Roger X (type 02) set to the Sonnet CI profile receiver that plugs into the Euro jack (3 holes) on the Sonnet FM battery cover?

Either way you can connect various Roger transmitters to your computer via cable and their docks.  Do you already own a Roger transmitter?  We do not want any Roger transmitter that says IN because those are designed to work with Roger receivers built into hearing aids.  Roger On is the newest Roger transmitter (it does not have BT).  Roger Select is another option.  Some people like the Roger Pen but it is not my favorite Roger transmitter.


Sometimes you can find people selling used Roger transmitters on eBay or in FB groups.  New Roger transmitters can be purchased through our audiologists or through international online vendors who ship to the US.  Connevans often has the lowest price.  Pay attention to the VAT price.


Info can be found here.  Click on the gray arrow to follow the link.


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Are you just needing to hear from your computer?  Or have you been using AudioLink both to hear from your computer and also to pick up your voice so others hear you on video calls?


Do you have bilateral Sonnet/Sonnet2 now?

Do you still have your Artone neckloop?  That will pair with your computer too.


You can register for a free 1:1 zoom meeting with a Med-El audiologist to discuss the options for hearing from your computer. Just follow this link and register for a time slot.  Many time slots are available each week in September.


You can also reach out to your Med-El regional CEM and ask for a 1:1 zoom meeting to discuss connecting options for your computer.  If you do not know who your CEM is (community engagement manager) this link will help



I am not ignoring your question about which Roger receiver attaches to the FM battery cover for Sonnet/Sonnet2.  It is just a bit complicated because that receiver needs to be set to the CI profile for Sonnet/Sonnet2.  Connevans sells it preset but the cost is the same as just purchasing the integrated battery cover Roger21 receiver so it makes more sense to get the Roger21 receiver.



If listening is your only goal from your computer, you can use that FM battery cover with the Euro jack (3 holes) and a Med-El DAI cable and plug into the headphone jack.  Great audio quality.


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