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Photos of MED-EL devices needed for Wikipedia


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Hi all! I am a Wikipedia editor trying to improve the coverage of cochlear implant content in articles. Mainly I have been trying to find good photos of cochlear implant external hardware (sound/audio/speech processors) from the various brands so that the wikipedia articles for each major brand can have a few photos of what the sound processors look like (such as having a photo of an old/obsolete one and a recent one to provide comparison images to show how the sound processors evolved over time). Thanks to a classmate with a Nucleus 7 letting me take a photo of his processor and the good folks on Reddit posting some photos of their various processors, I was able to get good photos under Wikimedia-compatible licenses for some of the recent Cochlear and Advanced Bionics brand processors to include in those brands Wikipedia articles.  However - I have so far been unable to get photos of any MED-EL sound processors released under Wikimedia-compatible licenses. Right now the vast majority of photos in the MED-EL category on Commons are either copyright violations, poor quality/resolution, or both, leaving me with no photos that are worth including in the article page about the company. I've tried writing to the company, but they have not written back or released any photos yet.

Which brings me to this: can some of you MED-EL users here take pictures of your external hardware (both while being worn/on the head and others set down on a blank sheet of paper for a simple background; without decorative covers or skin-its because those can pose copyright issues) and release (via a comment saying so) the photos under a Wikimedia-compatible license (such as CC-BY-SA 4.0, CC-BY 4.0, or CC0) so I can add them to Wikimedia Commons and put in the Wikipedia article for the company? I am especially interested in photos of Tempo, Opus, Rondo, and Sonnet devices, but if you have any REALLY old ones photos of those would be great too.

Sorry to bother you all with this very unusual/strange request, and if you have any questions about Wikimedia and Wikipedia I will try to answer them for you to the best of my ability. Thank you so much!

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Hi there, 

we've replied to your private message, we can continue our conversation over there, thank you. 

Kind Regards,


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Update: I have gotten photos of Sonnet 2 and Rondo 2 courtesy of some kind redditors who donated photos of their devices under Wikimedia-compatible licenses, but we still really want photos of other MED-EL devices like Rondo 1, Opus, Tempo, and the obsolete body-worn processors.

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