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AudioStream: Audio goes out of sync for bilateral use


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Hello all, 

Does anyone have issues with the AudioStream where the audio would go out of sync by a half second or so? It sounds like an echo effect and it's very frustrating. 


It's been occurring for me on every single use. I have done the FW update on both AudioStream but no luck. 


I suspect something changed in the new Android updates. I am on Android 13. 

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Oh my goodness, this is a constant frustration with Med El - it doesn't matter how many times I disconnect and reconnect, it's always echo-y until I turn one side on and off, then they sync up again. This will work until I pause whatever I'm listening to, then I have to start the process over again.

I have had to replace both of my audiostream covers SEVERAL times in the last 8 months - the tech is so bad :( Not to mention the AudioStreams are massive in size compared to Cochlear, which is far superior (my brother has them, and has zero issues, whereas I have Med El and have too many issues to put in this conversation). I am super disappointed with Medel tech.

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Wow soni, im sorry you have so many issues!

I have only one sonnet2/audiostream but i have a bt hearing aid also. I have to pair them first, set my map and volume, then open spotify app. While i am streaming to both i do still detect ever slight delays occasionally and i believe its the phone. Im out in the country. However, while streaming, if i receive a call, its perfect! Spotify pauses, and i hear call, when done i just hit the arrow in spotify and im still set up. I had my audi and medel rep adjust timing on the sonnet2 that helped with the "sync".  Occasionally i can detect an ever so slight difference.

So i wonder if you can have your audi read the timing to see if they can adjust since your left and right seem out.

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