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Sonnet/Sonnet2 rechargeable battery MAX now available in the US

Mary Beth

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The new Sonnet/Sonnet2 rechargeable battery MAX is now available in the US.  If your insurance covers rechargeable batteries, contact your CSR.  If not, they are available for self pay in the Med-El US shop.

Remember we need to also order  the new Sonnet/Sonnet2 MAX battery cover.

These longer batteries last for additional hours and work with the rechargeable battery adapter and charger we already use. However they are not compatible with AudioStream nor with waterwear.

Thank you @MED-EL Moderator for giving us a longer battery option for Sonnet/Sonnet2.





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@Mary Beth - I’ve reached out to the folks who put my kit together. This time was a little different as I didn’t see the paperwork. I just told them to mirror my first kit. I’ll share their reply when I get it. I asked if it’s a now an option in either/both initial (surgery) kit or upgrade kit. 

Im happy there’s a longer battery life option but admit the size of it is giving me pause. 

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It is an option in both surgical kits and upgrade kits but the original options also still exist.

It is longer and heavier and doesn’t work with AudioStream so it is not for everyone.

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I wear audiostream alot. If i wear glasses or a hat, my little head gets sore. But having the option of a long lasting rechargable battery is great!!!!!!

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