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Healing Time


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Just wondering how long it actually takes for the site to heal completely? My surgery was about 90 days ago. I am still getting sharp pains occasionally and the scar is often itchy and/or feels tight and irritated. It seems fine otherwise. I do tend to get a bit of a headache if I'm streaming music through my mini tek or spend time in noisy environments for longer periods of time, but I assume that's kind of normal?


Kylie xx

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Hello Kyle,

Welcome to the Hearpeers :)

Lets see... Taking into account that this was a real operation and that tissue needs some time to heal - it can take up to 6 months that tissue get reorganised and reconnect in a new directions. Same reason works for the feeling of your scar - classic findings. Perhaps it would be beneficial to get some neutral body cream and massage the scar - it will improve tissue healing and easy the itchiness.

Regarding your question of getting headaches in a noisy environment - I would propose adapting of your map, but can you tell us more what is the reason of your implantation?

There is not just one reason which can lead up to that feeling of "hearing fatigue and saturation" - sometimes it is problem of unadapted hearing map, sometimes it can be an issue of hearing too much - suddenly. Namely, the brain works like our muscles - if we do not train them too long, they will get muscle-fiber and feel - fatigued, wont they? ;)

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