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New to Heer Peers, Hello from Delaware!

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Things are moving along quickly now for your second side @Megan L.!  I am excited for you.

Maestro 9 fitting software for Rondo 3! Yay!

@phobos512 Did you hear anything about AudioStream yet?

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Yesterday marked the two years since my activation. Two years since I returned to the world of sounds. It was hard, but it was worth.

@Mary Beth  I experienced a bit of a digital detox this last week! My parents got a house in Rohoboth, DE and they failed to mention just how FAR REMOVED from civilization I'd be.....there was no

Things are going well @Megan L.  speech is up there now and still working on it. I’m not loving the testing I get since I’m in a study group with my new ear. But that’s ok. Someone has to do it so tha

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@Mary Beth Yes it is moving quickly! I guess it was meant to be 😁 I also asked about the audio stream and my audiologist said he had no idea. He said that they are keeping it a secret but if I don’t use the audio link I could swap it out if it becomes available shortly after 👍 

I’m curious to know if @phobos512 has heard anything from his audiologist...

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@Megan L. Unfortunately no I've not heard anything on AudioStream since my initial request so I'm not sure what I am going to end up with at this time. Certainly my intent will be to not open anything that comes in the kit except the processors and batteries and then everything else my audiologist will probably try to trade for me once the AudioStream is out. Worst case I will go out of pocket because that'll be a must have for me.

I got excited this morning as there was an update to the US FDA Pre-Market Approval database (it says 10/21 but it definitely wasn't loaded last week since I check both that database and the FCC every single day) but it was just for sterilization procedures.

I will say though, my audi did ask our local MED-EL rep about this (well, one of the two) and the answer was that they weren't sure when they might be available and what the cut-off date might be for doing trades might be so I fully expect at this point to go out of pocket (this correspondence wound up on 30 Sep).

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