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Bimodal or CI alone?


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I currently am supposed to use 2 HAs. One busted and hearing care not covered in AZ. I'm planning on checking into CI eligibility for my left side. Has anyone who was initially bifocal chosen to just stop using the HA and go with one CI either with or without bilateral CI?

I'm concerned that after implant, activation, and mappings that the HA will become more of a hindrance than anything.

Hope I've made sense.

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There are many people who stop using the contralateral hearing aid after adjusting to their CI.

There are also people who prefer to stay bimodal (1 CI & 1 HA).

And people who choose to go bilateral CI.


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I went bimodal (CI on left, HA on right) last year (2021). It worked for me for a year. I started preferring the CI side more and more and back in November (2022) went bilateral with CIs. It made sense with the degree and progression of my hearing loss, and did take a deep conversation with my audiologist before taking the step (not to mention re-doing all the tests etc). @Dianna and I were twinning for a while but she can share her journey too. :)

You’ll know what’s right for you and any uncertainties you can discuss with your care team. 

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  • DeafblindinAZ changed the title to Bimodal or CI alone?

Hi defblind in az, i feel like defblind in iowa, lol.

I was implanted on my left side when i was exactly where you are. I was so tired of my ha's as they wore out, so broke got otc dumb aids. I researched and responded and made an appointment on my own. I got implanted on left and used nothing on the right side for a year. Its good for rehabbing for sure cuz all effort in on the ci. I have about 50 percent in the right so really prefer the ci ear. 

I just added a new ha to become bimodal, the ha gives sound and clarity a boost but i do prefer my ci ear. Adding the ha has been great but i hate feedback! 

So my wish is to get back to twinning with lauren as soon as i can.

I am very pro implant!!!!

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