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Anne N

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I had my surgery on Jan 19th. Very little pain and nothing but motrin to take care of that. Sore throat and lost my voice for a couple days but even that is better. Today a new development. When I walk I am hearing 2 notes on or in my implanted side (ear?). Nothing when I am not walking so don't think it in tinnitus but not sure what it might be. Any ideas anyone? Activation will be Feb 2nd so a few days to go before then.

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@Anne N

congratulations on your surgery.  Activation is when it gets exciting.

Some people have reported hearing tones when they gently run a finger on their outer ear.  Does that happen for you?  Does it sound the same as when you walk?

Definitely bring it up to your CI team.


Which processor will you get?

wishing you the best!

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No sound when I run my finger on my ear. Then sounds I hear when walking are like 2 musical notes. I will contact my team if this continues. I will be getting the sonnet 2 and rondo 3 processors.

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Hi anne, i heard one note tone weirdly when i was drying my hair! I can make it sound if i pull on my ear ( dont do this right now!)

This was just before activation and i thought it was my imagination! I did tell my audi but she was very focused on activating array!!

So sometimes i still hear it but i have written it off to electronics.  i dont think it really is something to worry about the whole kit and kabootle is foreign to our bodies!

Grats and cant wait to hear your activation story 

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