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Fullness in ear, needs to pop


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I had an implant done on December 5th.  At my post surgery check ups I told my ENT I have a feeling a fullness in my ear and a feeling like it needs to pop and he told me I still had a bunch of fluid in my ear that needs to be reabsorbed and to give it 4 weeks.  At my activation my ENT checked my ear and I complained of the same thing and he told me it's probably due to the loss of the residual hearing, I lost it all, and that gives me a fullness sensation compared to the other ear that still had hearing.  He said everything looks good.

I'm now about 3 weeks after activation, 7 weeks since the implant, and every day it feels like I get pressure in my ear and it needs to pop.  If I lightly blow my nose, I don't close a nostril and lightly blow, it very easily builds with pressure and hurts a lot until I stop blowing.  The pain goes away, but the feeling of the built up pressure stays for awhile.  The feeling that my ear needs to pop never goes away.

My ENT said everything is good and that this will go away with time but I haven't seen anyone else complaining about this.  It doesn't feel like it's a normal thing to be experiencing almost 2 months since implantation.

Has anyone else had this experience?

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I am sorry you are experiencing this. I did not experience it after either side’s CI surgery.

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