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Standard Sonnet Battery v 2.0?


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Does anyone here know what changed for the Sonnet 2 standard battery, 2.0?

I searched the Sonnet 2 group and can't find any mention of the standard size battery version 2.0, the recent discussion about new batteries is the Max. 

I have a Max battery and while it is nice not needing to change out the battery in the middle of the day, I like the AudioStream capability more. 


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The Med-El INTERNATIONAL website is where we can find the most up to date information.  Sometimes it is difficult to know if we are on the Med-El US website or the Med-El international website.

These are the hours of use listed on the Med-El international website



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@Mary Beth Sorry, I wasn't clear.  The standard battery version 2.0 and 1.0 is different from Sonnet 2 vs. Sonnet 1.

The standard Sonnet 2 seems to have originally come with batteries as version 1.0.  The newer Sonnet 2's have the standard Sonnet 2 batteries marked as 2.0.  I don't see any discussion about the 1.0 vs. 2.0 difference either on Med-El's web page or on HearPeers and thought it would be interesting if people knew there was a difference. Maybe we could figure out if it had any real impact.

It might help people in their decisions of what to look for if they order battery replacements.  New activations might want to double check their versions as well - another way to make sure that they are getting a fresh battery like your thread about first charge date. 

Attached is a picture of my battery showing the standard with 2.0.  Someone on Discord talked about his Sonnet 2 having a standard 1.0 battery. 

Nice to see that Med-El is doing updates.  No idea of what the change is though. I doubt that there is a big change in battery life or else they would have said something.  Maybe there is nothing user facing or not very noticeable:

  • Could be just a change of vendor for an internal component. 
  • Change in device with an eye towards greater compatibility for a future device?
  • Maybe a change in battery chemistry? (slightly higher capacity or # of recharge cycles



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I understand what you are asking.

Med-El still lists the standard battery for Sonnet/Sonnet2 as lasting up to 10 hours.  That has remained constant on their website.  This makes me think both versions of the standard battery have the same battery life goal.

Med-El has introduced version 2 of various parts from time to time.  The most significant version 2 for me was when Med-El redesigned the Sonnet mic cover design so that pin removal was no longer necessary.

There have been other parts updated as well with color changes in key positions to help users find the latches or know whether the processor is on/off/unlocked for Rondos, etc.

I find Med-El listens to user feedback and makes improvements to help us.

Another example of this is when Sonnet was released the shortest cable was too long for many people so Med-El introduced a shorter cable option.

And Sonnet MAX battery is from user requests for longer battery life.

Med-El seems to announce changes when they impact us…. Like the redesigned Sonnet mic cover and the MAX battery.  I do not recall seeing announcements of the color changes etc.

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Hi, i received my battery charger and batteries in september 2021 and they are 1.0. I get about 7 hours i remember a conversation i think with enegra about this 2.0 version being helpful with streaming. I will look.


Im saving for a battery max, but wondering if it has something to do with more than longer battery power, just thinkin

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I couldnt find the topic im trying to remember, sorry, i could swear the 2.0 battry version affected something!..sorry old age memory loss, lmao. (Funny cus its the research i volunteered for, ci's and senility)

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