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Disposable batteries keep dying within minutes


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When I first started using the disposable batteries, I would get about a day and a half of juice (on average). I would typically use them on the weekends. Now for some reason, all of a sudden, the batteries are dying within minutes. I have 2 adapters (since I'm bilateral) and this is happening for both. I'm using PowerOne batteries. A couple of weeks ago I went through 2 or 3 packs of batteries in a half hour period trying to figure out what's going on.

So now I'm currently in the office completely deaf because I forgot to charge my rechargeable batteries last night 🤦‍♂️. But I did bring my charger to charge them.

Could this be a battery issue or adapter issue? Has anyone experienced this?

So yeah....HELP LOL

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I have been using Power One IMPLANT batteries for years with my Sonnet processors and they always last over 2 sixteen hour listening days with streaming.

Happening on both processors at the same time seems to point to a battery problem.

Some things to check….

PowerOne makes 675 size batteries both for IMPLANTS and for hearing aids.  They are different batteries.  Are you using PowerOne IMPLANT batteries?

Check the expiration date on the batteries.

Did you purchase the batteries from a reputable place because they must be stored within a specific temperature range.

Is this happening with batteries from different boxes with different expiration dates?  

I have not read of this issue.  I have read of issues with Sonnets giving false dead battery beeps and then turning off when using ZeniPower Implant batteries.  I experienced that issue with those batteries too.  But with Power One Implant batteries all has been fine for years.

Just in case it is not a battery issue…

How long have you been using the same Sonnet battery covers?  Mine loosen up over time and need to be replaced so the battery contacts work correctly.

Also Sonnets have a small black rubber ring on the control unit where the battery cover closes.  If that ring is torn it impacts the power supply.  I have had to replace that rubber ring on my Sonnets.

Sorry you are out of power at work.  That’s a real bummer.

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Holy crap. I didn't know that. Not sure how I missed that reading up on some of these posts. Funny thing is the ebay seller I was buying from for the past several years stopped carrying what I had been using initially, these. 


So the last box I bought were these.


Thank you so much. I'll make sure to get the implant batteries. I'll call MedEl to see if my insurance can cover them.

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You are welcome.  The correct Power One IMPLANT batteries will have IMPLANT clearly marked.

If your insurance covers batteries (mine does), then going through Med-El US makes sense.  I do that.

If your insurance does not cover batteries (or you need some now while you are waiting), then look online for reputable vendors for a much lower price for the same exact batteries.


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