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Hearing Aid compatibility

Rosanna Brandon

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Hi,  I am currently using a Sonnet processor on the right ear, and need a hearing aid for the left.  Any suggestions as to which brands/models to consider?  My audiologist said she thinks the Phonak with the Roger pen would be good, but there is some question as to how to make the most of the combination without having to carry around several different remotes.  Has anybody had any experience with this?

Thanks in advance!


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Hmmm,  well any hearing aid you choose will be fine.  If the HA has an active telecoil, then you can use BlueTooth neckloops like the Artone 3 MAX.  If you want to use Roger, it does work with many different brands of HAs.  Check out the Roger website and it lists compatibility.  It may be best to choose a HA that has buttons controls on it.  That way you will only need to carry around the Fine Tuner for the Sonnet and won't need a remote for the HA.  Just something to consider.

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