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Is it possible to hear music well with a CI


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Hi Michel, It is possible to hear music with a CI.  I am a bilateral CI and when my first implant was activated 3 years ago I was not able to hear and appreciate music.  When my second implant was activated 2.5 years ago, I started to listen to music and when I continued to progress in my mapping, the music became much more clear.  I use MedEl's coding strategy called FSP to help with music appreciation and it really helps. Like everything else with a CI, hearing is a constant learning experience.  thanks John

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I am a bilateral CI recipient. I recieved both of my CI's about 2 months apart 2 years ago. For me, music took a little while to come but eventually did. Now it sounds amazing. i know each person is a little different but I think if you practice, be persistent and patient, it will pay off for you.

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Hi John

What is FSP?  Is this fine speech perception?  Any clues on what I can suggest to my audiologist so she can programme this for me?  Thanks.  At the moment I like the sound of music when I stick my head right next to the speaker! Literally.  The sound gets tinny as I move away from it.  I know it's early days...... Gotta aim for something :)


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Hi Karen, Fine Structure Processing.  It is MedEl's software overlay that increases audio processing response.  Here's a .pdf with more information. An analogy is Chopsticks played by one person vs. Chopsticks played by a full orchestra!  Asking your audiologist about this is an excellent suggestion on your part. I believe your audiologist only needs to activate FSP as it is already present.  My right side wouldn't accept FSP for about a year but my left side accepted FSP almost immediately.  Now that both sides are using the same strategy, I can't imagine not having it. I can listen to my car radio when I couldn't before!


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