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Can I use Bonebridge?


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Dear all,

I have got the audiometric measurement for some month ago (I attached), and my audiometric is not change so much in long time according to my doctor.

I always wondered that is it suitable for bone bridge implants? So can you give me some suggestions.



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Hi Lee,


I don't see an attachment.  However, we are not doctors on here so unfortunately we will not be able to answer your question.  I will tag, @leighf, who is from Med El and hope she can assist you.  Wishing you the best.

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I cannot attach files even though the size is smaller than specified (1m) so please kindly click on the above link to see the image.


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This is a moderate upto severe mixed hearing loss of the right ear - were you ever suggested a stapedotomy?

This is usually a finding of far advanced otosclerosis. 

Regarding your question, sure - why not: Bonebridge or even Soundbridge would be even a better choice because it brings more powerful, highly focused sound on the round window without middle ear reverberations. 

Left ear also needs some attention - for a start, is this a permanent state of hearing threshold or it moves? Stapedotomy is first what should be considered.

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