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Rondo 2 questions and answers

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  • HearPeers Heroes

What questions do you have about the Rondo2?


I wonder

-is there an alternative backup battery option if the battery dies before our listening day is over? Or there is a power outage?

-will the batteries slowly lose some of their daily life like other rechargeable batteries do?  5 years is a long time for one rechargeable battery.

-will we no longer use dry kits since rechargeable batteries can not go in dry kits?

-how many mics are there?

-will Rondo 2 use natural, omni and adaptive or something else?

-how is a tether attached?


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  • HearPeers Heroes

I watched the Rondo 2 video again and I think @Kara of Canada is correct that the center circle is power on/off.  It also seems that side lays down on the charging pad.


It looks like one mic because the waterwear cover is designed to form a ridge around that center one.


Oddly enough, when the Rondo 2 blinks twice (Program 2?) that only happens on one of the two things that may be alert lights.  Did you notice the blue blinking?



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