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Pros & Cons of CI Both Sides?


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I’m into my third month of using the Rondo 3 on my left side along with a hearing aid in my right ear. The ability to hear conversations has been amazing along with listening to music, of course. Albeit it’s not perfect but certainly much better.

The challenge I am having is that because I am using two separate hearing devices, I have to use two separate mechanisms in order to have sound go directly into my rondo three and sound to go directly into my Widex hearing aid.

In other words, I am tethered to my Bluetooth Max three. and the Widex sound system to get hearing to get sounds directly into my rondo three and hearing aid.

This happens when I’m on my I phone or on a group coaching call on my computer.

Hearing exclusively through the Rondo three isn’t really good enough while hearing exclusively through my hearing aid isn’t good enough either. But together they do a good job.

I am a candidate for a CI in the ear that has the hearing aid.  I would love to know the pros and cons of having or wearing two rondo threes.

How much better is the sound?

Has anything about your lifestyle changed with two CIs?

How much better is music?

I’m a pianist, is it better having two CIs?

I’m having my second activation visit next week. Do I discuss mapping programs?

And the question that really maybe scares me is I’d be losing the ability to hear out of the other ear which means both ears are useless. Like losing the final ear, seems so drastic. In other words, you don’t have any more useful ears and must rely on the rondos for life. I know that sounds crazy.

If this conversation has already taken place in another post, kindly direct me to it and thank you so much.

Many thanks.


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A few thoughts…..

if you wish to join the HearPeers GoogleMeet on Sept 24th at 9:15 am New York time, you can chat with people who have two Med-El CIs.  Just let us know and we can set you up for that if you wish.


I understand what you are referring to about giving up the last bit of acoustic hearing.  It is an adjustment.  However the gains are so wonderful.  Hearing with two balanced ears is incredible.


Streaming audio options change so fast.  The Rondo 3 has less streaming options compared to the Sonnet 2.  Does your Widex hearing aid have a built in telecoil?  And if so, has it been turned on by your HA audiologist?  It would give you the option of using the Artone 3 MAX BT neckloop with both sides.


If you do a search here in HearPeers for the word “bilateral” in topic headings, you will find a lot of posts.  Here is a link to one of them


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I was bilateral June 2021 to November 2022 after wearing hearing aids since mid/late 1990’s. 

I remember relying heavily on my hearing aid approximately the first 6 months as my brain adjusted. Once I realized I preferred the CI side, it very quickly became my dominant side. 

I gave up more residual hearing in my right ear to become Bilateral and for me at least it was a good decision even though I’d struggled in my left side and sometimes still do. One I’d make again. I was topped out as far as hearing aid capabilities (Super powered, ultra powered, etc) so it was either continue with the same or rip off the bandaid and go for it. My right side has been my “rockstar” side which wasn’t my left side experience  

Music took the longest for me and others told me for many music is the last to come. Now that it has come, most sounds good. I can enjoy songs I listened to before. Music that’s too busy or new to me is still hard but with more time and patience that will come too. 

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