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Good implant for low frequency hearing loss?


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I have a reverse slope hearing loss and have been recommended for a cochlear implant. I was sent home with a bunch of pamphlets for different brands to review, and am leaning towards Med-El. I read that the electrode arrays extend further into the cochlea, which would give me the best chance to help with low frequency hearing loss, I assume. 

Does anyone else with a reverse slope / low frequency loss have a Med-El CI? If so, what has been your experience? 

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I have a friend with reverse slope hearing loss who now has bilateral Med El CIs and is doing great.  Let me see if she will pop in and answer your post.



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 The longer array is the exact reason I chose Med-el. Even when I was just implanted on one side I heard sounds I never heard before like the trombone and tuba in the Christmas music.  I can hear thunder now and not just when it rattles the building.  I also understand men much more easily than I did before my surgery.  I’m very happy with my choice. 

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Thanks for sharing KittKatz. Did you wear a hearing aid on your other ear? 

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