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Wireless, fully implanted electrode, Wireless mics.

J. Scott Bradley

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Hi, I’m newly deaf of 3yrs and in the market for a CI, maybe two. I’m having a difficult time understanding the stagnate state of the industry. 

Why is Cochlear Implant electrode technology so shockingly out dated? It has not evolved accordingly with current micro electronic technology. This is a travesty.

Will somebody please tell me why we don’t have a CI that is fully implanted, with completely wireless microphones and driven by a sound processing iPnone app?

This system would be fully protected from the elements. Shower, swim, extreme cold/heat, no problem. Totally invisible, wear the wireless mic as a tie-clip, necklace, earring.

why is this type of system not available?

when will we see an improved electrode? One that embraces modern technology?

please help me to understand.






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