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Does Rondo 3 support streaming via AudioLink and connect to Bluetooth headphones simultaneously?


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I have CI in my left ear and I wear rondo 3. My right ear is normal hearing. Does anyone know if there is a way to listen to  music of my iPhone with audio link and connected to a Bluetooth headphones at the same time? I mean, to hear streaming with CI on my left ear and listening with headphones on my right ear? I appreciate your help! 

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What you describe is a feature of the new BTLE and AuraCast that many people are looking forward to.  If you search here for AuraCast you will find links to lots of information about this new kind of BT which will support simultaneously streaming to multiple devices.

At the present moment I believe listening simultaneously to audio from your iPhone in an acoustic ear plus a Rondo 3 is challenging.  Sonnet 2 allows that with around the ear BT headphones.


Simultaneously listening to audio from an iPhone … acoustic ear + Rondo 3 options 

Without cables

1. Flat BT headphone speakers like CozyBand


With cables to iPhone but not wired to you

1.  Lightning to splitter dual 3.5 mm jack with AudioLink plugged in one jack and a BT dongle in the other 


Cabled to iPhone 

1.  Wired flat headphone speakers like CozyPhones


I will tag @Tim as he is single sided CI plus an acoustic ear and also has Rondo 3.



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@Hortensia Would like to help but my setup is a little different.  I have an Android phone instead of Apple.  Also, I've never tried having two BT connections playing audio at once.  I would be concerned about a time lag as well between the two and the lower quality BT audio/connection capability of the Rondo 3/audiolink.

As usual, @Mary Beth's advice is great. I bet a cheap CozyBand, even a knockoff product on Amazon, will have a better and more reliable BT connection than the Rondo 3/Audiolink. I just put a Cozy Band knockoff on my Christmas Wish List just to give it a try with my Rondo 3.  Not sure how much I'll use it but for $20, one of the cheapest things I can do/try on my CI.

I do something similar to that wearing my Sonnet 2 under BT headphones.  For rehab practice purposes, I'll adjust the audio balance between left and right so that the audio is louder on my CI side.  I also set it to mono audio rather than stereo so that both sides are getting the same sounds.

One thing to think about is what are you trying to get it for?  For example, is it about Rehab or Maximizing music enjoyment? 

Good luck and please share back what you decide to do and how it works for you.

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