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Oops. I forgot to plan for rehabilitation


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Hello everyone! 

I'm not quite sure how I got here but somehow I was so focused on saying yes to the implant that I forgot to plan for after. 

I lost my hearing in my left ear almost 3 years ago in December. My implant was implanted May 31 and my processor fitted June 5. Since then I have wrapped up a school year, graduated a son from high school, and gone out of the country with family to celebrate my dad's 80th birthday. I have been wearing my Rondo (Synchrony) as much as possible but I need to line up a speech therapist for rehabilitation.

So far my only rehabilitation has been talking to myself and practicing with ReDi on my own. With ReDi, I can't tell if I am hearing with my good ear or not. I wear a earplug when I practice to limit it but sometimes I feel like I am only learning to compensate. Tips for practice?

Other ideas for single-sided recovery? 

Any recommendations for building community?


Seattle WA


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Congratulations @Leslie05 and welcome!

If you are willing to wake up early you can join us in our HearPeers GoogleMeet.  Link is below.


Rondo 3 has two Med-El ways to deliver audio only to the processor so the other ear can not help.  AudioLink or the new just released AudioStream adapter.  Streaming directly to the Rondo will be best for training so your acoustic ear can not assist.

We have a section here called REHAB and it is full of helpful information.  Check it out.

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@Leslie05 - Welcome to Hearpeers!  I was just in Seattle last weekend for a one day conference.  I'm down the road in Portland.  I'm going to try organizing an "in-person" get together for some Pacific Northwest people.  Maybe in September or November?  If you make it down to Portland, let me know.


I'll give my random rehab advice as a fellow SSD user.

Audiostream BT streaming makes practice SO much easier.

Not a fan of ReDi app. Hearoes and WordSuccess were my go to apps. 

Music streaming app and "liking" things that are enjoyable or tolerable, then playing those on repeat.  My list is slowly building up. I'm still getting there on music some have much better experience with music, some less. 

Audiobooks and podcasts are great.  Can adjust speed.  Pick fun topics making rehab a lot more enjoyable than people that have to do rehab for physical things like knee replacment!  Also makes spending time on fluffy audiobooks guilt-free since it is rehab!

All of the above generally using Audiostream/BT from phone are good ways to do focused rehab as an SSD person from my experience.  (I used the Sonnet 2 audiostream since the Rondo version did not exist when I was putting the most time into my rehab.)

Next best option for a Rondo only, SSD user, is is probably headphones in my opinion.  Using good noise cancelling headphones to "handicap" my good ear forcing me to lean more on my exposed Rondo.  Can then just listen to "over the air" stuff, TV, stereo, etc.  Bose QC45 and Sony XM5 are great but even cheap Active Noise Cancelling headphones do really well.   As an SSD, I don't like putting earplugs in my good ear - just makes me a little queasy to do except with an Audiologist. 

Last option is the AudioLink. It is somewhat workable under certain limited conditions but should have been replaced with a better model years ago.

Keep in mind that every hour spent wearing it is doing some rehab work. 

Rehab in the first few weeks and months will be particularly exhausting.

In any case, the most important part of rehab is to have fun with it and keep up a positive attitude.  It is a journey, take your time. 



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Hi from Houston, Texas! I am a mother to 3 littles: 8yr old son with conductive hearing loss & Auditory Processing Disorder; 5yr old daughter born with profound sensorineural hearing loss (due to connexin 26) and is currently bimodal (HA in one ear & CI in the other); and 2yr old son born hearing. 

I genuinely love connecting with other children and families in the hearing loss community, and especially with other mothers of D/HH children. It truly takes a village, and this village, this tribe of mothers, is truly one of the best gifts this journey has given me. 

See info below to contact me directly, or follow me on social media to see our daily life, our journey, and our hope. 

FB: Jessica Bolt

IG: @myboltfamily

Email: jessica.bolt15@gmail.com 

Houston, Texas United States 

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