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Best settings for loud concerts?


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So I’ve been to a few concerts since being activated (Katy Perry & U2 in Vegas, Danny Elfman & Taylor Swift in LA). All of them have been enjoyable. I’ve been pulling out my iPhone and using a decibel meter app to check how loud it’s getting when it feels intense. I’m a little paranoid in losing any hearing in my good ear (I’m SSD). For most concerts, they top out at around 90db. Last night, I went to a Tim McGraw concert and it was topping 100db the whole show. I had to plug my good ear for comfort and kept fiddling with my AudioKey2 app to try to find the best processor settings to hear the concert music as clearly as possible without it feeling blown out. 

I currently only have a clean setting and a mild ASM setting. The mild ASM setting has worked with the other concerts in the past. This time, I had to significantly reduce both the volume and sensitivity to be able to hear the music clearly. Any advice?  What do you do in very loud concert situations?


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I use omni mic setting with all front end features off and it works very well for loud concerts for me.  It is our most comfortable loudness settings that make sure nothing is too loud/uncomfortable.  They are set by our audiologist.

If anything was too loud, maybe a MAPping tweak can help.

It is good that you protected your acoustic ear.

I bet those concerts were awesome.

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