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Frustration: 1 year post implant (Bonebridge)

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Hi! I am new to this forum and this is my first post so I apologize if some of this has been addressed in other threads.  If so, please let me know where I can read more about these issues.  I really enjoy having this implant and I find it definitely helps! I have profound hearing loss in my left ear since age 3 or 4.  Perfect hearing in my right ear.  I find it most valuable for speech, as I am very socially active,  and a psychotherapist who listens to speech all day! 

I am getting so frustrated with my sound processor frequently falling off.  The first time I had had it one day and it fell off in a movie theater and I couldn't find it.  I got a replacement and the audiologist increased the magnet level.  It then fell off a second time a few weeks later and it broke so I got another replacement and also started wearing the clip that goes on my hair.  I didn't like wearing the clip because I find it uncomfortable to wear as it pulls on my hair and I also experience a lot of hair breakage since my hair is fine.  Regardless I kept wearing the clip.  But then the clip has broken a few times and been replaced twice. After the third time I didn't want to buy another replacement.  So I've been wearing it on its own, believing that I am now more accustomed to wearing it without hitting it and knocking it off.  But unfortunately I went to an outdoor concert the other night and it was raining and I put on a poncho and it fell off again and I didn't notice until I had left the venue.    

The last time I went to my ENT, she said the skin at the implant site was looking red and suggested I have the magnet level reduced, and I intend to do just that but my appointment isn't for another few months.  Also I am concerned it will be more likely to fall off especially now that swelling has stabilized and these clips keep breaking.  Does anyone have any advice for me?  Thanks.  

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Hi @Ali S

Which processor are you using?

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