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BoneBridge new version


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Hi everyone!

I am waiting for new BB version with water resistance and chargeable battery.

Anyone know any informations about it, please let me know release date?

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Simply, i know these functions are existed on Rondo2, so we can do it with Samba,

As i know Samba was released since 2014 and i wish medel will work hard to brings more efficient features to us.

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  • HearPeers Heroes

Hi Gang...

Nothing up to now but I guess Med-EL works more on the FMT which is quite huge taking into account the main competitors, BAHA models on the abutment.

Regarding water-resistance, I would be satisfied if Med-EL release bag as CI models has it: neither Amade nor Samba received any fancy adds-on after the official release. 

Also, I am not a particular fan of the idea of rechargeable battery - I would better like to see a constructional replacement of microphone covers like Sonnet has. I find essential the sound quality at first place. 


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Water-resistance and rechargeable battery usually go together due to technical requirements.

Actually I don't appreciate solutions related to add-ons or bags. Basically, Med-EL can do it on RONDO2 so they can do it on Samba 2 obviously.

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