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Thanks, I'm here to learn the enormous benefit of each of the lengths electrodes & software to enhance speech understanding in noise while eliminating the noise &  enhancing speech conversations, beautiful bass & fullness of music - does it it help understanding words if songs you never heard before as well as words in songs you couldn't understand, offered by MedEl 

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As you already know, everyone’s journey with their CIs is unique.  Hopefully lots of HP members will share their journeys a bit with you here to help in your decision making process.


My first side started to like music at 3-4 months post activation.  I had been listening all along and enjoying whichever aspects of the music I could perceive but at the 3-4 month mark music really starting taking off.

My second side liked music before it liked speech!  

 I hold a special place in my heart for the Grammy 2016 album as it was the first music that I learned just by repeated listening like acoustically hearing people.  I was jamming to all those brand new songs and never even looked up any lyrics.


I love the full bass tones in music.  Med-El has the FS4p setting but that gave me too much bass!  Smile.  I am happy in FS4.


My frequency range is set to 100-8500 Hz, but some people get set to 70 Hz instead of 100.


Speech understanding in noise varies greatly between users.  I do very well in noise with Opus 2 processors which have one omni mic.  The Sonnet has two mics and its adaptive setting is very good in noise.  I have been in noisy places in adaptive and have heard better than the acoustically hearing people there.  All of the processors work with Roger technology and Roger Select is a brand new mic that is reportedly superb in noise.  I have a friend who tested it and loves it.  I am testing it next week.


Electrode options are what led me to Med-El.  They have a great variety for our surgeons to choose from to best match our cochleas.  I actually have different electrode arrays on each side to match each cochlea best.  And different internal implants as well due to the timing of my surgeries.


There is a terrific free app called Sound Hound that displays the lyrics and highlights the words as they are sung of songs you are listening to.


Wishing you the best.

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Welcome @2Ears2Hear I have bilateral implants as I wanted to hear with both of my ears! Neither of them are any good alone so I got both done finally. Speech and music comphrension is different for everyone. But it gets the best results you need to work really hard with aural rehab everyday for at least three months. I am happy to say that it a phenomenal achievement to hear with theses two implants! I would not change it for the world. Yes it was two surgeries for me and lots of training but believe me it’s worth it. Plus the quiet night sleep too! Since I do not wear them to sleep. They go in the drying kit at night. 

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