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Having a difficult time

Mineola Joe

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My Cochlear implant surgery was on 3/3/18 and turn on was 5/20/18. I’ve had three visits with my audiologist since turn on and it appears I am not showing a typical response. Gradually upping the volume allowed me to hear sounds above the tinnitus but nothing intelligible. She tried extending the frequency range but that resulted in screeching, as in feedback. All the sounds I hear via my implant are in a high frequency range. I’m sure I could understand some speech if there was greater frequency separation. My next visit is set for 7/5/18 and my audiologist arranged for representatives from Cochlear to be there to observe and make recommendations. 

Does anyone else experience a limited frequency range (high/low) in your implanted ear? If so, can you enjoy music with this limitation? 

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@Mineola Joe

Sorry to hear of your difficulties.  I have read reports from other users who experienced only high frequency sounds and after their surgeons ordered imaging they found out that their electrode arrays were not inserted correctly.  You may want to ask your surgeon about that.  Good luck.

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