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Trying to receive Roger input only with Sonnet 21

Mary Beth

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@MED-EL Moderator


Many of us are trying to find a way to use Roger transmitters (Roger Pen or the new impressive Roger Select) with our Roger 21 Sonnet receivers and be able to hear the Roger input only.


We know this is possible using the Roger MyLink receiver neckloop instead of the Roger 21 integrated Sonnet receiver but we really do not want to have to use the neckloop which changes the sound to telecoil transmission to the Sonnet.


We know we can have the Roger 21 receiver adjusted by changing the Easy Gain to +8 dB, but we have two problems with that.

1.  Someone must have either a Roger Touchscreen Mic or a Roger Inspiro to actually change the Easy Gain in the Roger 21 receiver. 

2.  The end result is still a mix of Sonnet mic input as well as Roger input.


Recently a user was told by Med-El to have his audiologist set a dedicated program in such a way that “sets the Sonnet mics to quiet”.  What does that mean?  How can our Sonnet mics be set to quiet? If this is actually possible to do, would it give us a 100/0 mix ratio?


Any assistance will be appreciated.  Thanks.

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