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Introducing myself....Lauren from NC

Lauren Fowlkes

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Hi all!  I have bilateral CI's that I received in November of 2008 and April of 2009 at Chapel Hill.  Dr. Pillsbury did my surgery and he did an amazing job.  I have the Opus 2 on both ears and have never had any problems. Due to life circumstances getting in the way I have not had an updated mapping in 5 years so I am heading back to Chapel Hill in 2 weeks for an appointment with Pillsbury and a mapping.  I didn't realize that I would be able to upgrade, and now after some research I am finding out that I can upgrade and insurance will assist with paying so I am excited.  Therefore....what do you like/not like about the Sonnet, Rondo, and Rondo 2 (I don't think it's available just yet).  



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Hi @Lauren Fowlkes

Welcome to HearPeers!

I have the OPUS 2, Rondo and Sonnets processors.  They each have their own perks.


OPUS 2 perks...

-smaller than the Sonnet

-never needs anything replaced

-sounds the same using disposable and rechargeable batteries

-easy to turn on/off with the lever


RONDO perks...

-superb in waterwear covers using 357 silver oxide batteries

-terrific when sweating

-completely off the ear 


Sonnet perks...

-more durable cable design

-DL-coils allows for more flexibility in magnet strength (has 9 strength options)

-dual mic adaptive setting is terrific in noise

-has better bass tones noticeable in music 


I hear well with all three processors.  The Rondo 2 is so light.  I put a demo on earlier this week at a Med-El Mingle event and did not even feel it on my head.  


Let us know which processor you choose.  

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@Lauren Fowlkes Hi!! Im a new CI recipient and also a Dr Pillsbury patient. He is truly awesome! Saw him yesterday for my 1st post op. Im waiting  on my 1st activation and mapping on Aug 29th. I'm looking forward to getting the Rondo2 as one of my 3 processors. Im getting the Sonnet. I wasnt told about the Opus2 but that sounds interesting as well. Congratulations  on new upgrade!:) 

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