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New User with questions and concerns


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Hello everyone, I introduced myself in another forum a couple of months ago, and appreciated all the feedback. I did go ahead with the surgery and had my (unilateral) processor turned on August 3rd, so I am only a few days into this.  Turn-on went better than expected. I was told I might only hear beeps and static in the beginning, but right away I could hear and understand the audiologist with the help of lip reading. I do notice a honking/beeping sound with every syllable of every word spoken. This has been annoying, but I have still been able to make out the words with the help of speech reading up until this point.  I have been able to follow a commentator on a news program without the help of captions (something I was unable to keep up with using hearing aids alone). My problem is that this afternoon, for whatever reason, the honking sound seemed to get louder (no changes in the program I’m on) to the point where it is really difficult to find and understand the spoken word.  Just wondering if anyone has experienced a setback like this (It could be that I am just tired of listening altogether).  Also, is the honking sound something that can be adjusted or tuned out through the mapping process? Thanks for any input you can offer.  Sorry for the long post…

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