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Hi, I wonder if those using a Roger Pen have any ideas for me. I have a SamSung Smart TV. I had to buy a Digital to Analogue converter in order to get it to work with my Roger Pen. It was really hard setting it up but eventually got the TV to stream to my CI. I don't know what has happened but I can't get the TV to stream through the Pen anymore. The Pen sits in it's charging cradle which is connected to the TV through the converter. It seems like my husband said something to me about making an upgrade to the TV but he doesn't remember clearly. It's been a while since I went through all the trouble I had getting the TV and Roger Pen to work together and I've forgotten a lot of the details. I've tried everything I can think of tonight playing with settings on the TV etc. Does anyone have any ideas?


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Hmm.....if it used to work with that exact TV and is no longer working, that is puzzling.

The only suggestions I have are...

-remove the Roger Pen from the dock and use it to be sure the Roger Pen is still synced to your receiver and is working correctly.

-If the Roger Pen works fine when out of the dock, then examine the connections with your TV adapter.  Disconnect them and reconnect them again.

-If you have a satellite or cable box connected to your TV, have you tried using that box’s audio out to the dock?





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Two tricks I’ve found with the Roger Pen and cradle.

The audio connection to the cradle is tight! Make sure it is secure.

I’ve also found problems connecting to the pen if my batteries are nearly expired.

I’d suggest trying the headphone jack on the tv just to make sure everything works.

Then go back to the setup you had previously. (Often plugging into the headphone jack cuts the tv speakers).

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Do you have another tv that you can try your setup on? I have Samsung Smart TV that has sound issues and also video issues while streaming some programs. I switched my setup to another tv and everything worked. So it was the tv causing my problem and still have the problem on that tv.

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