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Hey there, 

I am looking for starting my post graduation course and will be looking for a full time job after that as a software engineer. I already have 5 years experience in a company, however then my hearing loss was not that troublesome. Now that it is progressive, I want to know some opinions and experiences. What all experiences you guys had during job hunting due to hearing loss? Was it tough getting away with in person interviews or phone interviews? Did you inform employers before interviews that you are hrd of hearing? What all accommodations were provided to you, did you ask for it? Did you find colleagues helpful?

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Good luck on your post grad work and then job search!  

I am not sure what the short answer is to your questions....smile.  I guess I learned how to function the best I could with my hearing loss as it progressed.  I knew where to sit in relation to others at meetings, how best to hear on the phone, etc and used every tool possible so that my hearing loss was not an obstacle.  Today there are so many tech options and services to help people.

Have you opened a free InnoCaption+ account?  That will make phone interviews on your cell phone accessible as real time captioning is used for the incoming speech.  It is free as it is funded with our US taxes/fees.  Just go to their website and join.  It is fast and simple to set up.  As it is funded with US taxes/fees, it is only available in the US.

In my experience, employers took my lead on my hearing loss.  If I showed that my hearing loss would not prevent me from being successful at the job, they were fine with that.

There are services in the US that can help both at the university and also in a job search.  Reach out to those in your community and see what is available.

Have you been following the start up SPEAK SEE?  They are creating computer speech to text systems for use in small groups or 1:1.  Check out their website.

Also check out AVA.  It is also a computer speech to text system but it requires apps to be loaded on everyone’s cell phones.

Good luck!

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Thank you @Mary Beth. I am planning to create innocaption account now. Read about speak see. I think it’s a little bit costly right now. Lets see in future. Thank you for the information.

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