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Confused mum- Bonebridge, Adhear, Cros for a 7 year old

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Hi all. We just learnt my son has single side deafness as his cochlear and auditory nerve did not develop. He was born preemie. I am so confused right now. His ENT suggested a bonebridge. I am terribly afraid of him having surgery. I would love to hear from everyone about these devices. Is it safe for him to havethe bonebridge? I truly prefer something non surgical but we have been told that the bonebridge is best. 

Please help me through this. Would an Adhear not be better? 

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Hello Gang ?

dear Loresh - don’t take surgery as something bad, actually the Bonebridge has least side-effects from all bone-conduction implants/devices (BCI/D).

On the other side, Adhear is something what could be tested almost effortlessly.

To mix the story additionally- none BCD Sounds equally implant vs. non implanted situation. The implanted sotuation was always better.

Usual experiences of people all around say that they benefit from a device on the affected hearing. Hard to explain why if one cochlea or nerve is dead and the contralateral hearing is perfect....


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Hi Ivana. Thanks for the response. We tried the cros hearing aids in class today. Daniel said he could hear his teacher and even wore it during the play and lunch break. The sound was good. He just felt they made his ear itchy. 

I know I should not look at surgery negatively, but I am just wondering if we should let him use the cros or adhear for now, and when he can understand what the surgery will entail, then we can go that route. It will also give us some time to save some money towards it. Please tell me more about the different types of BC implants and devices. We have been told about the BAHA, Bonebridge and ADHEAR. Are there others?

Anyone has experience with the cros?

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