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Wireless Bluetooth Neckloops


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Any dual CI wearers using a wireless bluetooth neckloop?  If yes, what do you like about the brand you chose? What

do you wish was different about it? I'm looking into purchasing one so that I can understand webinars better.



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Have this question into Med El too.  Jeff Campagna is where it went to in the Med El world. Seems like the Hearing Peers has a dearth of (very limited) participation.  Here is what I am trying to do and one other person who is apparently very phenomenal.  And I have witnessed some of it too.


Enoch Cox at Advanced hearing Center, Salt Lake City is "whoo hoo" brilliant with devices external to hearing aids and CI's.  "Blue tooth" is the operative word and concept.  "Enoch Cox" <enoch@advancedhearing.org>,


I was activated in February and was doing phenomenal by May.  Lucky me, I guess.  I am using one hearing aid and one CI so a bit different than yourself.


Med El does have a site for the blue tooth adapters, but no reviews that I saw.  Some of those blue tooth neck loops are very proprietary and many are from hearing aid manufacturers and not necessarily for CI's.  So you would have to google each and print them out and sort them  ategorically.


If you google blue tooth desk phones you will get tons of help.  Almost anything with that is a "smart" phone will work.


Advice here.  For captioning, that I have and need to switch back to is... Hamilton Cap Tel.  The one hitch with them is that if you use your computer screen on your desk (and I recommend that) folks have to first call a 1-800-****** number, then your phone number.  But, the entire conversation coming and going will be captioned, except for weird unusual , names , terms and stuff (like the name of a 10 syllable prescription) that they don't understand better than us "deaf" folks.  I am amazed at how similar the stuff (words) is that they miss too compared to our own short failings.  That aside I will share.


I am trying to integrate desk phones, smart phones, all computer formats from desk to tablets via ethernet/WiFi, and ethernet/WiFi.  Then I am trying to integrate all of that prior stuff with the A/V (audio-video) from TV to "music".  Samsung has perhaps the strongest blue tooth capabilities but it ain't cheap like the cheap knock offs out there.


For blue tooth neck hubs, they vary wildly and I am still very much learning and not decided.  Some are amplified and some are not.  Some may only work with a phone.  Some work with several devices.  And blue tooth is something that is upward of a dozen different versions and that makes a difference too.  The A2DP (I think that is right) protocol is a minimum level that you need.


Have not bought my blue tooth stuff yet.


For my audio video here is the central processor for my residence -  Have not bought it yet...  A Pioneer Elite 770 Watts receiver that is about $900 at Best Buy.  You can attach the ether net cables to it, you can add the Pioneer brand blue tooth adapters and Wi-Fi connections.  From there you start adding.


I am intrigue by loop technology but that is more of the FM signal world which generates more harmonic hum.  I need to determine how to attach microphones to this residential system and also in a portable format to take around for the likes of meetings.





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Hi, Andrea


I have recommended the ClearSounds product for BlueTooth capabilities. It provides very clear sound, extra volume control (+30db), and its microphone is positioned at the top of the product for more clarity. You can look into this product as well as other Bluetooth accessories (for TV, desk phones, etc.) at www.clearsounds.com


I have also researched some low-cost alternatives that work well, too:


Sony Ericsson Hi-Fi Bluetooth Stereo Headset ($40.00)
Use Audio Cables or Telecoil Neckloop with BlueTooth-Compatible Phones/Audio Devices

These are not "designed" for CI users, but you can connect an audio cable or a standard neckloop to this product. Good standard neckloops to use with the Sony product are:


NoiZfree Products
NoiZfree Neckloop Audio provides a T-coil inductive substitute for conventional stereo ear buds and headphones.
  • Neckloop - $49.00  www.tecear.com/Noizfree_neckloop.htm
ClearSounds CLA7v2 Direct-Connect ($69.95)
Amplified Neckloop for Phones and Audio Devices
The ClearSounds amplified neckloop adds 30 dB of amplification above the maximum volume of the device you’re using.
  • www.tecear.com/CLA7v2_Powered_Neck_Loop.htm

(NOTE: The Quattro Bluetooth neckloop is not compatible with the Sony Headset. You must use a standard neckloop as mentioned above.)


Hope this helps!


Jeff Campagna

MED-EL Corporation


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