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On 11/13/2018 at 9:41 PM, Debbie from US said:


Thank you for your response. It is nice to know that Dr. Tucci is considered a giant in the world of implants! I knew she had a good reputation, but didn’t realize she was known internationally. I am happy to know that I have placed myself in very good hands!

I know that the CI is being done in the US for unilateral loss, but it is  considered experimental and is not approved by the FDA for SSD.  The BB just recently received FDA approval in the US, even tho you’ve had it in Europe for a number of years. So it may be some time before the CI is more commonly used for those suffering with SSD here.  The FDA can be very slow to give approvals, which in many instances is a good thing, but not always. 

I think the CI may be used more often in children here as an aid in speech development. That’s just a guess based on some things I’ve read so others may have more accurate information.  But I actually mentioned to Dr. Tucci that I had read about CI being used for SSD and she shook her head and told me I would not want to have that.  I took her to mean that she felt the BB could be as helpful for me without such an involved surgery and rehabilitation. 

It is good to know that you have had a good result with the BB, even tho your loss was of a different type than my own. The audiologist told me that the BAHA gave better results to those with conductive loss rather than SNL. But I am choosing to be optimistic about what my result will be with the BB. I am sure it will at least be better than the CROS aid that I tried and hopefully a lot better!

Thanks again for your input and good wishes. I will update you all as I continue on this journey.


Hi Debbie once again,

yes, Dr. Tucci is long in a business this gave her opportunity to track the advancement for decades and Duke is awesome institution.

That being said, I have gad a rare opportunity to hear an European Goliath - Prof. Fraysee defending the line: CROS, BAHA .... and eventually CI. But, partially my participation in various groups is to gain knowledge and observations from much bigger pool than my patient base could ever be.

Not linked with your story, but I defended my right fir bilateral hearing against another giant who made career in a field if unilateral conductive hearing loss thinking that he will understand me before everybody else. Oh boy, what a surprise but I’ve believed in my opinion and it stoid against the opinion people who were never in my shoes.

Ok, administration is totally different thing - that’s reality I can not conquer with romantic but there is a line of people who use a CI unilaterally and thinks about it as a touchdown. 

Lets not end with negative thoughts, BB will definitely give you oart of you’re missing, just - thruth is deserved to be told as well as the observation that a CI is not a toy, although hard work give results. 

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