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Opportunities for meeting in person

Mary Beth

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I enjoy meeting other Med-El users in person, especially new friends I have made through social media forums.

Some ways I have been able to meet others so far.....

-I traveled to NC for a Hands On Hearing workshop.  We organized meeting up for dinner the night before.  Great times!  

-I travel to NYC for my CI appts.  We organized meeting up for dinner and a group of us from NY and NJ had a great meal together.

-I live in a rural area but there have been a few Med-El Mingle events within a 3 hour radius.  I have attended 2 so far.  It’s great to meet other Med-El users.

-One of the first Med-El users I met traveled a couple of hours from her home to meet up while I was on vacation in Florida.  A fun afternoon on the beach. 

Some of these friendships have extended way past our shared CI experiences.  We continue to get together as friends and share good times.

Some dear friends and I are still awaiting our first in person meetings.  I am looking forward to those.

After spending 3 days at the Med-El Meetup last month, I am reminded of how powerful and meaningful these in person meetings can be for us.


I encourage you to reach out to others (through HearPeers or other forums) and meet for coffee or dinner or a walk at a park.  


We have a lot to offer each other on our journeys.  I hope you make some lifelong friendships this way too.


And maybe post a picture to share.  ? 

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  • HearPeers Heroes

Wow that sounds amazing! I wonder if there are events that come up in Australia? I'm gonna have to do some digging...

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  • HearPeers Heroes

@Kylie there are two other Australians on HearPeers, but I know it's a big country and I think you're all in different cities.

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