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As many of you know I have had problems with the Sonnet falling off my ear since activation. . The part that connects to the magnet usually stays put. Only the part that rests on my ear is the problem. It has been two months and it still falls off at least once a day. I have not been able to order the Med-El huggie so I'm not sure how well that works. 

Yesterday, I tried out wig tape. This is the second time I'm trying wig tape. The first one was no good, but this one, Topstick, is excellent. It is actually men's grooming tape. I just put a piece on the battery cover as well as the part between the earhook and the battery cover and voilà problem solved! The ear piece stayed put the entire day! I even took off the sonnet for two hours and left the wig tape on and was able to put it back on and it continued to stay put on my ear! I don't think I would put it in the dryer though. So I removed it from the Sonnet before placing the processor into the dryer and I was pleasantly surprised that there was no sticky residue to contend with. 

I live on a tropical island and it was hot yesterday so my wig tape passed the test in hot weather so I bet it will do fine for colder weather too. 

I bought Topstick on amazon. 


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@jewel I am so happy you finally found something that works for you.  Is it really comfortable? 

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Hey! Yes, the Sonnet sits comfortably on my ear with the wig tape and it stays put. Are you having this problem? 

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