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Not saying WOW on this.

Mary Featherston

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Last night I had a really odd dream.  I was in Montreal (where I've never been) in the airport and had missed my plane.  Somehow I got a ride to a (kind of icky) hotel, but I was worried because I'm not yet good with the phone, and how was I going to get another ticket?  It was really unsettling, I woke up feeling isolated and odd.

I'm pretty sure I know where the idea entered my head - an acquaintance actually did have a similar experience this week.  She was in Spain, missed her plane back to Australia, and was unable to get a hotel room and spent the night in the terminal.  Then her cell phone died and she couldn't make calls to buy another ticket.  So I blame my dream on Jennifer.  😄

But I really didn't like the feeling the dream left me with.  And I don't think I'd react that way anyway - I'm not at all nervous about traveling.  It was just weird.

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It was just a bad dream ,don’t think about it,"You have a good outlook on traveling.Happy Trails to you.

If you remember that line.

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9 hours ago, Jewel said:

@Mary Featherston

I don't think you have anything to worry about. Don't you usually travel with Ron? He'd take care of things.


Usually.  But I dislike being dependent like that.  I started traveling by myself when I was twenty. 

And it's not that I was really worried, just that the dream left me feeling weird and unsettled.  Just a bit of Tuesday weirdness, I'm over it.  🙂

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