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Bonebridge surgery done!

Debbie from US

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I just got home from Duke where Dr. Tucci implanted the Bonebridge behind my bad right ear. Surgery took about an hour. I have a Velcro headband with a plastic ear covering which I can take off tomorrow. Steri-strips come off in 10 days. I go back in 2 weeks and if healing & swelling are satisfactory at that point I will get the processor. Very happy to have this over! Feeling rather wiped out but no real pain.  Grateful!

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Finally have a chance to post re. my BoneBridge.  I had the surgery on 12/13 and after a couple of uncomfortable days the recovery was not bad.  I went back to see Dr. Tucci on 12/28 for a post-op checkup and she was very pleased with how it had healed- even commented how "easy" the surgery was.  Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication with the Audio department they were unable to activate the processor that day.  I had to wait until after I returned from vacation to finally get the Samba, which I got on 1/30.  So I have had it now for a couple of weeks and I can say I am happy I had the surgery as it seems to be working well for me.  

The only problem I have had is that I didn't attach the hair clip at first and the processor fell off a couple of times- including once in a movie theatre!  Fortunately it was not damaged and I now have the clip attached.  I really don't even notice that it is there- it is so small & light.  I am definitely hearing better in areas where I used to struggle, such as with a group in a restaurant.  A neighbor even commented to me at a party the other night that he could tell I was hearing better.  I am very happy that I do not have to  constantly turn my head to put my "good ear" towards a speaker as I had to do before.  

The remote is not as useful as I would have expected-  it doesn't really seem to do anything.  I can't hear any big difference between the programs or using the volume control.  But I will talk to the audiologist when I go back in 10 days & I imagine some adjustments might be needed.   Funny story- the other day I kept hearing a chime which I thought was coming from my iPad of iPhone.  I couldn't figure out what program was trying to alert me- was it a text, an e-mail, a weather alert?  After about an hour I was away from my iPad and heard the chime again & finally realized it was the Samba notifying me that I needed to change the battery!  The battery was the one the audio put in on 1/30, so I got more than 2 weeks use from it.  Of course I didn't use the Samba everyday as I had the flu for a week and didn't leave the house then, so I don't imagine I will get that much life from the next one.

But overall, so far so good! The audio told me he has one other patient who is also SSD & got the BoneBridge about the same time I did.  The Med-El rep was in the OR for the surgery and another was with the audio when I received the Samba. So he is learning as we go also.  I am very glad I had the surgery at Duke and have access to a really good audiologist there as well.  

My calendar has some upcoming social events (large & very noisy)  which could be more of a test for the BB.   I am anxious to see/hear how it goes, but  I'm also optimistic that even if it's not perfect it will be better than it was.


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@Debbie from US

Sorry about the flu.


So happy to hear you are off to a terrific start!  Keep posting.  I would love to learn more about BoneBridge and Samba!  Thanks!

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