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Lack of auto logging Rondo 2

C T lex

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I am new to this blog so I hope I'm adding  a post properly.  I am scheduled to be implanted soon and am considering Sonnet and Rondo 2.  I'm an elderly man and the Rondo 2 simplicity is appealing.  In selling my audiologist on the idea I anticipate the lack autologging with the Rondo to be concern.  I'm curious whether there's an alternate way  to have such logging and why it was not  included in Rondo 2.  

Like everyone  I'm curious as to an availability date in the  U.S.

Thanks for any input

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Hi @Charles and welcome.  The Rondo 2 is available now in the US.

Datalogging is not always needed with adults.  It basically tells our audiologists how long we are using the processor and possibly which program we use.  None of that info was needed in my journey.  I was using the processor all waking moments.


I actually was not aware that datalogging was not available in Rondo 2.


The ease of use of Rondo 2 is a huge advantage in my opinion.  Good luck!

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Thanks for your reply, Mary Beth.  I found a side-by-comparison table of Sonnet and Rambo 2 (and as I recall also Rambo 1).  For the life of me I can no longer find the web page to verify its source.  Most of the features  were the same.   Only single mic in Rambo 2 and no wireless charger in Sonnet are ones I can recall .  Also,  the auto logging difference.   

Great info on Rondo  2 availability


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Thank you Mary Beth for the information that that the RONDO 2 is now being sold in the USA, I have been checking weekly plus contacting my Audiologist & MedEl rep weekly with no news.  So this is wonderful info for me seeing I am using RONDO 1 with number 4 magnet for the last 3 years which works well but at about 12 hours I start with Head aches. Anyway wonderful news and I will be in contact with my support team yesterday.

Please have a wonderful Christmas to all that support this wonderful tool and use MedEl products!

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