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Find my processor.

Hearing Again

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I went to a cochlear implant support group a few days ago thinking it was just a manufacturer neutral support group mixer. Well, it wasn’t. It was one of Med-el’s competators.  After hearing all the things their models do, I still like my med-el better.  But one feature they have that I wish I med-el could have is “Find my processor”. In case you loose it, you can go online to find out exactly where is Ilis. I have this for my iPhone and needed it on more than one occasion. Does anyone know if Mel-el has this feature or is planning on having this in the future?

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@Hearing Again

Med-El does not presently have a find my processor tracker.  They do not discuss future tech until release date so we will just have to keep an eye out.


I heard about tiny labels for clothing and purchased a sheet of stickers with my first name and phone number on them.  I have these stickers on....

backs of my Fine Tuner

tops of my dry kits

rechargeable battery chargers

rechargeable battery wallets

travel cases

This way if I accidentally leave something behind while traveling and a kind person finds it, she can call me.


I know parents who put these small labels on their children’s processors as well.



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The technology is available, the problem is how to apply it on devices maintaining esthetic, weight, but specially does not produce problems on device.

Some times ago I talked with a friend that show me how he modify options in his ear aids with mobile.

I think best idea for now is Mary beth comment about small sticker, but much better if these sticher was a QR code with your data, and these data could be managed by your audi at mapping sessions if you need to modify your contact information.

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