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The sound of singing


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Since becoming deaf on one side, it is painfully obvious to me that the sound of my voice has changed (to me only - of course I sound the same to everyone else!) I find it especially strange that my 'internal' voice that resonates in my head is different, and when singing I find it unpleasant and annoying. I get a buzzing quality to it like a bad cable (pretty sure that's my damaged inner ear but it's really hard to explain!) I don't notice it much when I just talk.

So I am curious what this is like for others, and what I might expect after my implant is done? Did your voice change to you? And was it different/better/worse/other after you had your implant?

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That is a tough question to answer.  As my hearing loss progressed over decades I had to get used to the way my own voice sounded with various hearing aids etc. many, many times.  I think that made it easier to adjust again with my CIs.  Just know that whatever things sound like, including your own voice, at activation will improve a lot over time.

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