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How long after activation will I be able to hear?


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There are people whose CI journeys start off at lightning speed.  But those experiences are not very common, although they may show up more often in social media etc.

One thing I realized by spending time reading so many CI users’ posts in various online and social media sites is that starting off fast on this journey does not mean ending up with the best hearing.  There are many, many people who start off slowly and end up with remarkable hearing.  (My left side only heard marimba and whale song at first.).   I have CI friends who now hear amazingly well even though their initial year advanced slowly.

It also became apparent that there is a disconnect between how CI users test in the booth and how they hear in their everyday lives.  People would post testing scores that exceeded mine by far yet they also posted difficulties hearing in situations that were easy for me.

So early on in my CI journey I gave up the goal of striving for the best test score in the booth and changed to the goal of hearing well in all settings in my everyday life.

Feeling discouraged by testing scores happens to many of us from time to time.  It’s a normal speed bump on this journey.

Just keep working on it.  It will get better over time with practice.

I keep a listening journal.  Sometimes it is helpful for me to go back and read previous entries.

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Hi johnl 

I have found reading while listening to text helps. The Angel program provides this with small sentences. You listen to the test, what did that say?? Then up comes sentence plus sound, oh yes, I knew that.... My logic says if I can understand it with the text displayed, it's just a matter of practice. The voices available on google read text very well. I started with the kindle, even though the punctuation was hilarious, it helped a lot. On android I can do text to speech easily. 

Hope it comes right soon. 


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Thanks for the advice. I was reading audio books on my iPad early on but gave that up. I may go back to that. 

I know I’ve got a lot of work yet to do. 

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