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Sonnet versus Rondo 2


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Looking to upgrade my over the ear Opus to a Sonnet or Rondo 2. Any suggestions on which is better?

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Welcome @Beth

Have you ever used a Rondo 1 processor?  Just wondering if you have had the experience yet of using a one piece processor.

I do not have the Rondo 2 but many members here do and there is a Rondo 2 topic where you can join in on all the discussion about Rondo 2.  @Jewel @Mary Featherston @Hearing Again @Jdashiell @Nikki and several other members have both Sonnets and Rondo 2 processors.


I love my OPUS 2 processors.  They have been so consistent and reliable for me.  To me, the OPUS 2 and Rondo processors sound exactly the same.  

I love wearing my Rondo 1 in waterwear.  It is amazing and so comfortable.  I also use it when sweating.

I need to use a stronger magnet on my Rondo 1 than I do for my coils for OPUS 2/Sonnet so I prefer not to use it all of the time.

That is why I am excited about the RONDO 2.  It is so very light.  I wore a demo at a Med-El event and I loved how light it is!


How long have you had your OPUS 2?  Was it your activation processor?

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Hi @Beth

Which is a better processor? - question is,  in which field the two are competing.  

Technologically,  one reason the sonnet may be superior- it has microphone bidirectionality - but this feature may or may not become a main player in success of your particular hearing journey.   Rondo 2 is a one piece processor,  which is very easy to use and is convenient and virtually worry free when it comes to powering your processor up.  Technologically speaking,  to my limited knowledge,  it does not feature major advancement from the rondo or opus when it comes to managing hearing in noise and challenging situations.  Please correct me if i'm wrong. 

I'm not sure there is one answer that would fit everyone to the question which is better.  They both are fabulous in their own way.  It really is personal choice.  Ask yourself which will fit your life style and personality better?

Are you on the go or want a processor which will be virtually maintenance free and easy to use?  I'd explore Rondo2 further.   Are you oftentimes in challenging hearing situations (multi speaker gathering,  background noise etc.?) You might want to learn more about the bidirectional mics Sonnet offers.  

Add more questions from your own life/ journey 

Perhaps your audiologist can offer insight from booth scores although I'd take that info only as part of the whole picture which is also how people do in their daily lives outside the office. 

And I hope other users who tried both can give their take on it.   

As for me, since day one, the rondo design really appealed to me but I went with sonnet due to mic feature and Audi recommendation.   I love the way it sounds.   Becoming bilaterally implanted during plusRondo2 promotion period, Rondo2 came and again i'm very attracted to the ease of use but Sonnet is still my own personal choice for daily use processor.  To me it makes listening easier and it could be just habitual but for right now I choose my sonnets and i'm keeping the Rondo2 for days that i need the convenience of one piece processor. 

Best of luck to you @Beth!

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A thoughtful summary, @Nikki and very close to my own experience.

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I’m way too active for a guy my age and like the security of having a bte device. I’m sure a Rondo would be hitting the floor (or worse) constantly. I can think of twice in the last week I have dislodged my coil only to be saved by the processor. 

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