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Making final decision to get cochlear implant for single sided deafness

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On 11/15/2019 at 8:56 PM, Pinky said:


My friend is waiting for CI surgery, I am interested in your experiences.
One of his ears is good, the other is deaf since January.
He would get Cochlear now or Medel's new model in February.
Which is better and why?
Is it bad to wait until February?
He is a music producer so music is important for CI's choice.

Is there someone with 1 CI and 1 good ear?

Thanks for your help!

It will not hurt to wait until Feb . It's probably good to wait for a possible improved design.  I have one ear that can listen to music with headphones. I have followed many stories in the CI world and I definitely cannot judge which is better, cochlear, which I have, or a medel device. 

It seems to me that whichever way you go it will be up to you how much you train your ear to hear again. My bad good ear helps tremendously. I keep hearing improvement, I enjoy a lot of music but it does sound different and as I have said before Pavarotti is still a disaster. But as I listen I hear good sounds in all sorts of different music and a lot of squelch in vocals and orchestra. 

Percussion and piano are best, and now flute has come right. 

Having a CI is way way better than not having one. 


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Hello - I have severe/profound loss in my right ear that happened suddenly June 2019.  I just visited Columbia hospital and meet all criteria for a cochlear implant.  Hearing aids don’t help and the cros system makes me feel very overwhelmed and dizzy.  My tinnitus is horrific and I am extremely sensitive to loud sounds.  

I am nervous to go forward with implant as I do have normal low frequency hearing in that ear (though not very helpful) and am told i will probably lose it after implantation.  Will an implant really improve my quality of life and reduce tinnitus/sensitivity and ability to hear with background noise?  I don’t know if I can handle another disappointment after everything.

 Would love to connect with anyone who has gone through a similar experience.

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