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Mary Beth

February is a great month to post what we LOVE about our CIs

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On 2/19/2019 at 8:17 PM, Mary Beth said:

I love that I can wake up, put on my CIs and just go about my day hearing everything!  This weekend my CIs heard so many wonderful things.

-laughter, jokes and conversations of 15 cousins in a noisy pizza parlor

-moving music of Carole King in the Broadway musical Beautiful

-beeps, traffic, and city noise of NYC

-accents of multi-lingual people all discussing how cold the weather felt

-moving story in the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hanson

-conversations with friends in noisy restaurants and while walking on noisy sidewalks

-conversations with my awesome audiologist at a MAPping appointment

-variety of music on our 5 hour ride home


What do you love about your CIs?


On 2/20/2019 at 10:01 AM, Mary Beth said:

I heard someone knock on my door not using the buzzer.  Began using the phone and Cel phone without any assistance devices.  Can watch tv without Rogers pen but upped th sound.  Can understand words in songs that I had not heard before.  Told I speak much quieter and clearer.  I am sure the high pitch sounds will soon come.  

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Sounds good @Marion nancy!

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Aww...  Hi @Jewel!  Thanks for remembering me!  How are you?  :)
Oi... yes.....  just same old habit of checking in for a while, then getting distracted with stuff!  Eesh, just trying to feel good about self lately with the 'highlights' and not mixed about how I'm doing with progress or being bad with practicing, especially reading some of the newcomer's 'better' achievements on here with hearing so well!  Thanks for the sweet reminder post, though!  Hugs and Positivity, right?  Not doubt!   Such as:

The birds are out!  I can hear them!

Had a very clear short chat with mom on my cell phone for the first time in years!
(grr... now if the landline office-style phone at work was only easier.  Seriously, that's been the main source of my anxiety/confidence... I just. Can't. Hear. on it as well, compared to cell phone... it's so frustrating people still sound like Mickey Mouse despite sounding better to my brain everywhere else.)

My tv shows are also getting easier to hear.

The world is just so dang noisy, lol!

Met up with a fellow user!  Small world - my mom went to high school with her, and someone at my store is her neighbor, and they both suggested we should meet up for a friendly face, and to help each other out, because even though she's had hers for a year, she still struggles a bit with adjustment/getting better, being older and late-deafened, instead of growing up with it like me.  Plus, when she suggested I just come over to her place for convenience, she commented 'and you can see the place your dad (a carpenter) built for us 30 years ago!'  ;D

So we met, and her husband was there as well, and ended up just chatting at the table for about 4 hours... wow, was nice just running down our stories, and strange but sweet being the one who could point out new stuff about the 'toys' (accessories) and rehab options that despite doing it for a while, she still seemed clumsy with!  Huh... who knows.  Made me feel a little better, anyway, and nudged me a bit, about feeling down about my level of excitement/motivation/discipline with practicing much and how we're all at different levels, despite Time.

Also also... excited about finally going on a trip next week to see my family out West again, my first in a year!  They'll get to see me with my new Ears, and tell/show them everything, and keep up better with them than before, and hear all of them different!  Yay!  Now to just remember to pack all my stuff (and think about how I'll do my batteries?), but from comments I've seen on here before, it really doesn't sound like airport security should be a big deal (or if I even have to bring it to their attention).  

Thanks for all the great posts!


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Hey Joe - you recently posted how you set up Adaptive manually for your CI.

Thanks for that.

I essentially did the same for my Sonnet and if was a substantial improvement for restaurant and Grocery store checkout cashier talk. I will also try it with the Roger pen and the Table mic.

So Thanks again.


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