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Today I had a wonderful WOW moment that I wanted to share. I had my single sided CI activated about 4 weeks ago (Flex 24 with a Rondo 2). I have been dedicated to not wearing my hearing aid in my other ear so that I could get my brain used to hearing through my CI. I just started wearing both my hearing aid and using my CI together. Last week I thought I could hear the direction of a bird singing, but wasn't sure if it was a fluke or lucky guess. Today I did an experiment with my daughter. I blind folded myself and she ran around me in circles and stopped and made a little noise. I pointed in the direction that I thought she was, and then removed my blindfold. I got it right EVERY time!!! It was amazing! I haven't been able to tell the direction of sound for almost 19 years. Today, thanks to my CI, I can. Wow, wow, wow!!

I would be interested in "hearing" about other peoples' wow moments.

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